Sunday, 28 June 2009

independence Day Art Car Boot Sale

I'll be celebrating this Independence Day with the Brits, that is celebrating the day they finally got rid of us Yanks. I'll be exhibiting in ANTIFREEZE at the CHIPS building in Ancoats, Manchester alongside three great women. Once again under the name YES IT IS, Georgina Sullivan, Lora Avedian, Laura Gee and I will be selling original drawings and prints, as well as exhibiting handmade dioramas of hypothetical installations. come on down and discover what the hell an art car boot sale entails.
Take a look at our statement on the Antifreeze blog:

and here's more info about the event:

Contemporary Art Manchester (CAM) launches its inaugural project Trade City; a dynamic, international exhibition in Will Alsop's iconic CHIPS building, supported by Arts Council England and Urban Splash and in conjunction with Manchester International Festival 2009. Introducing a number of Manchester and UK premieres and stimulating new commissions from regional and international contemporary artists, Trade City has generated new forms of exchange across the city's contemporary art scene.

As part of Trade City, partner organisation Contents May Vary presents ANTIFREEZE, Manchester's very first art car boot fair, which sees over sixty artists and artist-run projects display work in car-boots as an alternative exhibition space. ANTIFREEZE is about the high-end art market delivered within the format of low-end trade. It is the grass-roots answer to hugely commercial art fairs allowing independent and non-commercial practitioners to explore ideas of value, exchange and independence with artists and artist-led organisations responding to the physical, social, economical, geographical and literal situation.

Taking in sculpture, printing, drawing, video, performance, installation, photography and collage, Contents May Vary’s ANTIFREEZE offers extreme clowning, trespassed pictures, Nazi poster art, Kun(S)t stylings, Tranny Bingo, naff music, Regal defacement, automobiliart, a gift shop, zines, hunting women, masked men from the woods, black dogs, Kipling, turd polishing, Mainlining (Intercity), dogs in hot cars, Nail art (modern), vernacular diamonds and bread, neatly packaged in the car park of a building lifeless without art.

Manchester's first art car boot fair will be a stroll through the embodied thoughts of over 60 artists from across the UK and beyond, who through no fault of their own have been put in a place beneath and above many others in the art industry. We have given them a platform to vent their airs and graces, woes and praises, present their skills and collections, to succeed and fail, to make money and lose faith, to spend hours in traffic getting here and minutes setting up their work without our help, just so people they don't know can spend seconds judging them on it.

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