Wednesday, 11 August 2010

recent experiences a and b

Last month I got the chance to work with Punchdrunk during the run up to their production of The Duchess of Malfi in East London with the English National Opera. (Without giving too much away about the production) I helped make props, working on an apricot orchard in an office clock, a dead orchestra, and a snake made of electrical cables. Lots of electrical cables.

Prop making has really grabbed my interest, especially after spending a few days with Anna and Victoria - the prop makers/set designers behind Lightning and Kinglyface. I worked for them on installation of a 'contemporary' herb garden, expanding foam mushrooms, and balls of bile in an abandoned mansion on Belgrave Square for The Complete History of Food - a project brought to you by Bompas and Parr and Corvoisier. Visit Lightning and Kinglyface's blog here for more about this project and all the other adventures they get up to.

That's right...balls of bile.

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