Monday, 11 October 2010

PONGRESS | Berlin | opens 27 October 2010

Helen Collett, Lois Macdonald and I will be teaming up once again to curate an exhibition about Manchester's Ping Pong Club and Mill24 for Berlin's first international PONGRESS, a week of parties, art and ping pong.

October 27 - 31 2010
Projektraum Atelierhauf
31-37 Schleiermacher Strasse

here's some more info:
The First International Ping Pong Congress: Pongress 2010
On the first day Berlin created Rundlauf, and saw that it was good.
On the second day, Berlin sent Rundlauf out into the world, saying ‘Explore. Have fun.’
From 27th – 31st October 2010 Rundlauf comes home, with tales of foreign lands and strange ways.
The First International Pongress brings teams of Pongers from London, Manchester, Newcastle and Washington to Berlin to celebrate the art of Music, Beer & Table Tennis.
Based at the Atelierhof KreuzbergGallery Pongress 2010 brings you five days and nights [will the exhibition be open in the daytime?] of international ping pong culture, including:
· An exhibition of ping pong contemporary art
· A Pongress Seminar
· 5 nights of beautiful Rundlauf
Each bar has given ping pong its own special twist . Each night Pongress will give you a different flavour of how the world plays ping pong.
Wednesday 27th October – Comet Ping Pong , Washington DC, USA.
A haven for contemporary art and great gigs, Comet Ping Pong bring their music and visuals to Berlin . Kid Congo Powers (of the Bad Seeds and Cramps) DJs with visuals from Ryan Hill, whilst we celebrate the roots of Berlin ping pong.
Thursday 28th October – Ping Pong Club, Manchester, UK
Ping Pong Club brings you the art of Ping Pong. An artist collective, they are bringing a Pong contemporary art exhibition and the best music in the North West.
Friday 29th October – Ping Pong, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Ping Pong takes Rundlauf and puts a wiggle in its walk and a giggle in its talk: Two-lives round the table, medals for the winners and all topped off with an hour of dancing to tunes you never knew you loved. Sexy, sexy ping pong.
Saturday 30th October - The Young Offenders Institute, London, UK
The YOI bring you Killer King Pong. 12 competitors per round. 1 Euro on the table each. Three lives. Winner takes all. One for the ping pong masters.
Sunday 21st October – The one, the only… Dr Pong, Berlin, Germany
The bar that inspired all the above hosts a Ping Pong seminar ‘Why Pong?’ [or have you thought of a proper name, oliver?] and then a night of Berlin’s finest ping pong action.
Many Cultures. One Ping Pong. Bring the love.
More info on the different bars:

The Young Offenders Institute - London
The Young Offenders Institute (YOI) has been running rundlauf nights at three London venues since 2007, and has taken the game to festivals, private parties and a host of other events. Expect a ping pong soundtrack that's eclectic but not pretentious, with rock, funk, soul, hip hop and electronica - 'anything with a bit of bounce'.

Ping Pong Club - Manchester
Ping Pong Club was started by artists at Manchester's Islington Mill studios as a way to help fund Art exhibitions. DJ's from Up The Racket and Your Momas cookin'.

Ping Pong - Newcastle
Ping Pong has been playing rundlauf at the Cumberland Arms in Newcastle since February 2007. Our DJs will play anything from Dualling Banjos to Hands in the Air House Music, with stops in between for Soul, Funk and even boys with guitars. We love to dance and pong.

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