Monday, 13 December 2010


Mornin'! If you're in central Manchester this week and you're hungry - for soup or art - pop along to The Soup Kitchen (Spear Street) to see Lois and I wielding power tools and tinkering with electronics as we install our new collaborative piece for HLD TGHT.

If you can't make it during the week to see us sweat and stress, the opening is on Friday the 17th from 7-10pm with a rockin' after party (live bands!) upstairs until 2am.

The open studio will be a great place to come and meet lots of fresh-faced local and national artists in a buzzing, creative atmosphere. HLD TGHT includes:
Agent (Birmingham), Newso (Birmingham), Ventza (London), Mr Penfold (Cambridge), Rong (Manchester) Deus (London), Melo (Manchester), David Bailey (Mount Pleasant),
Mooty, Fraser Chapman, Richard Birdseed, Dylan Hughes, Richard Shields, Vanechkaivanov Tank Petrol, Alex Humpries, Full Cream Ahead, Jim Pope, Ali Gunn, Alison Forde, Lois MacDonald, Anna Beam, Oliver Glasser, Lispencie, TXLW, Aliyah Hussain, Eleanor Marechal, Pavi, Alaska, Iwan Roberts, 30DZ, Box, G2, and more!

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