Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Opening Next Week! Postcards From Dystopia at the Nolias Gallery

I'll be in this group show down in London, come along to the opening on Dec 3rd if you can!

The work I'm showing (pictured, 1 of 3) illustrates a take on the 'multi-model-approach' used originally in sub-atomic physics to show that no one answer alone is correct, and it was exploited also by Robert Anton Wilson in his conspiracy theories surrounding the Illuminati. We're damned because of the state of politics. We are damned because we're sinners, and we're damned because the environment is. A lot of times in Science Fiction we're also screwed because extra terrestrials seem to have an inbuilt hatred for human kind. And let's not forget conspiracy theories.

My postcards for the exhibition show three stages of dystopia where the populous is 'taken for a ride' but can't determine why it's all going wrong. First their confidence in the state is built up by gifts of wealth and power from a benefactor, while underhandedly everything that supports life is taken away to fuel the cities. But maybe those crop circles that destroyed the farms and fires that burned the houses really the fault of aliens trying to destroy humanity? When all is said and done and they're left with nothing, yet the cities are still standing protected, they think that maybe this has really all been going as St. John prophesied. There's nothing to do but sit in the ash and wait for the fourth rider to come and burn down that false idol of benefactor and take them to heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,
It was lovely meeting you at the Postcards From Dystopia private view last week. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

Esther Yuan